INGREDIENTS for an 8′ x 8′ pan

2 boxes Lady Finger cookies

8 oz. container Mascarpone Cheese

2 eggs’ white

3 eggs’ yolks

3 and 1/2 tbs Sugar

1 and 1/2 cups Coffee (better if Italian Espresso)

few drops vanilla flavoring


Quickly dip the cookies into the coffee and lay them neatly on the bottom of a pan.

(the consistence of the dipped cookies should be “wet enough to catch the coffee’s taste, but not as much to crumble”)

Then, whip the eggs’ whites until stiff .

In another bowl, combine the yolks with the sugar and the flavoring, and whip them, too.

(The reason of whipping the yolks with sugar is to allow them to incorporate air, and obtain a more fluffy Mascarpone cream).

Add gently the Mascarpone Cheese to the whipped yolks, and then the whipped whites, being careful not to make the cream liquid.


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