Oven roasted veggies mix

As the meticulous perfectionist, and methodical person that I am, I should have kept my own rule of posting just one recipe a week.

But this week I couldn’t help myself but publish this roasted veggies recipe, since at the grocery store I found peppers and eggplants on sale (maybe because their “natural season” is over),

and I thought that maybe you would like to take advantage of it as I did!

This is a very easy and relatively fast side dish, which is so colorful and aromatic that it would work very well when you have guests for dinner,

and the best part is that you can cut and arrange the veggies hours before cooking them (just do not salt, in this case), so the only thing to do after that will be to put them into the oven for about an hour.

But let’s find out what is this recipe about!


1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 orange pepper

half eggplant

2 medium potatoes

1-2 zucchini

1/2 onion

chopped garlic




olive oil

sea salt to taste


Take a baking pan (with edges) and cover it with parchment paper.

Wash and dry the vegetable separately and always separately cut them.

Try to cut the potatoes in discs as thin as you can and in a bowl mix them with olive oil, sea salt to taste, 1-2 tbs of onion (I love onion, so I tend to use a lot!) and rosemary.

Lay them in one or two lines in the center of your oven pan.

In the same bowl (you don’t need to rinse it!), add the eggplant and some olive oil, some oregano and sea salt to taste, and stir.

Then lay them in line (one or two, depending on how big your pan is) in the oven pan.

Next, cut your three peppers into strips, and in the same bowl you used before (again, you don’t need to rinse it!) mix the peppers with sea salt to taste, olive oil, chopped garlic, and a tablespoon of chopped onion.  Lay the mix in a line (or two) in the oven pan.


My oven pan is too small to fit both the potatoes and zucchini, so each time I have to decide which one to skip. The good news is that there is no rule about what veggie you pick, so just give the preference to the ones you prefer!

Anyway, the cut zucchini have to be dressed with olive oil, sea salt and basil (use always the same bowl!).


As you can observe from the picture, you can arrange the veggies in any way you prefer, and always your baking pan will look colorful and nice!

Cook the veggies at 420 degrees F (or possibly use the “broil” function on low) for about one hour.  Check them some often so they do not burn!

The essential part in order to get a delicious result is that the veggies has to be roasted and not baked….

And here we go!  Your side dish is ready to decorate your meal with color and fragrance!


TIPS: – Remember, if you are going to cut and arrange the veggies in the oven pan a few hours before you cook them, DO NOT TO PUT THE SEA SALT on them!  The veggies will release all their water, and your mixed roasted veggies will be mushy, not firm.  Instead, add the sea salt just before roasting.

– Don’t throw away any leftovers; your veggies will also be good the days after, if kept refrigerated and reheated just before eating.

I really hope you liked this recipe, and if you did, please leave a comment, or a like and share it with your family and friends!

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Much thanks, 




    1. Maureen, I’m glad you liked the vegetable soup… I do blend it each time, considering that my daughters don’t like to see the vegetable piecies!! Let me know how it will go with the over roast ed veggies! Have a good day! S.


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