Venice Style Liver: you must try it!


Our lives are most of the time marked by a routine. Jobs, meals, time with the kids, TV and couch time, everything at a certain point of our life becomes repetitive.

At least once a week we should make an effort to get out of our routine- to make or do something different which will help satisfy our souls and spirits. And accordingly, we should sometimes try different kinds of food, at least to get a bigger spectrum of nutrients into our diet, and be healthier.

Liver (don’t make that face, it is a kind of meat as any other! 😉 ) is a very good choice for our body thanks to the incredible quantity of vitamins, proteins and minerals it contains. As per the last one, I have always had to fight with my low level of iron. Well, adding liver once a month to my diet not only made my cooking habits more exciting (oh my, it is so delicious!) but has given me the mineral I needed to feel stronger and healthier.

Venice Style Liver (finely sliced liver with gently stewed onions) is one of the most classic Venetian dishes (along with Mozzarella in Carrozza), and probably one of the most popular around the world. Even those who do not usually like liver will enjoy it, because white onions’ sweet aroma mitigate the strong flavor of the liver, to create a sophisticated gourmet dish.

All in just 30 minutes!

So forget your distrust, follow this recipe, and – I promise – you won’t regret it!

INGREDIENTS for 4 servings

1 lb. beef liver (better if veal liver) – mezzo kg. di fegato di vitello

3 lbs. white onions – 1 kg e mezzo di cipolla Bianca

2 Tbs rosemary – 2 cucchiai di rosmarino

2 tsp. crushed red pepper – 2 cucchiani di pepperoncino

salt to taste – sale quanto basta

about 5-7 Tbs olive oil – circa 5-7 cucchiai d’olio di olive


Cut the onions not too finely and rinse the liver, dry it thoroughly with paper towels and cut into 1/2 inch strips.

In a pan, pour 5 Tbs. olive oil, add the onions and cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes.

When the onion becomes translucent, add the liver strips, the rosemary, the crushed red pepper and salt, and let cook – stirring from time to time – for about 5-8 minutes.


The meat should change color, but not be overcooked to avoid it to becoming tough.

A few minutes before taking the pan off the stove, add some sea salt if necessary and a couple of Tbs. of olive oil.

The perfect side dish for Venetian Style Liver would be – for sure – “Polenta” (Italian Corn Meal) or mashed potatoes.

Your gourmet dish is ready to be enjoyed!


TIPS: – The downside of liver: it contains a high quantity of cholesterol. This is why it’s recommended not to consume it more than once a month.

           – Another great thing about this dish: it is super cheap! You can buy a pound of liver for less that $4. So go ahead and try it! You will broaden your horizons by trying something new, and if you don’t love it as much as I do, you will only be out $5. 🙂

           – I suggested you add the olive oil *after* cooking because raw oil is healthier than cooked, more digestible and less harmful for our body.

I really hope you like this recipe, and please, if you do, share it, like it, leave a comment, and help support my blog!

Much thanks,



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