Pizzette (small pizzas): my way to use fresh bread leftovers.

I guess not every family buys fresh bread daily, but as authentic Italian, my family does. If not every day, we buy fresh bread every other day, and even if we are huge bread eaters, sometimes I have bread leftovers. Who follows me knows I hate wasting food (and I would add  “I hate wasting in general”) so when the leftover bread gets very hard I make homemade breadcrumbs out of it, but if the bread is still “halfway”, I mean, not soft anymore to be enjoyed just like that, nor hard enough to be crumbled, I use it to make a mouthwatering, fun, fast, easy “pizza like” meal that my kiddos love, that is super cheap, and that can fix an unplanned meal. If you’ll try this recipe you will be amazed by how close the taste of this “dressed bread” will be “pizza like”!    Do not be mad at me if I don’t give you precise quantities of ingredients, because you will need mozzarella cheese (and every other cheese you may like to add to your “pizzetta”) and tomatoes sauce enough to dress all your bread slices, virgin olive oil enough to enrich the sauce, and herbs to taste. In my directions I will skip the herbs because my daughters won’t eat the “pizzette” if they see tiny herbs pieces, but in my opinion  a little bit of basil and oregano gives just the perfect touch!


baked bread, a couple of days old, cut in half inch thick slices

tomatoes sauce

mozzarella cheese cut in cubes

grated parmesan

dried or fresh oregano to taste

dried or fresh basil to taste

sea salt to taste

olive oil to taste


Reheat the oven at 365 F.   In a bowl, mix a can of tomatoes sauce with sea salt, virgin olive oil, basil and oregano. Set Aside. Place the bread slices in an oven sheet (lined with parchment paper) and toast each sides of the slices for few minutes.

Cut the mozzarella in small cubes. The smaller are the cubes, the fastest they will melt. I like to add to the mozzarella also asiago cheese cubes. Take the toasted bread out of the oven and spread the slices with the tomatoes sauce mix.

Then, arrange neatly the cheese cubes on the bread slices, and dust with parmesan.

Bake in the middle rack at 365 F. for about  20 minutes or until the cheese is completely melted.

If you prefer, cut the slices in smaller pieces before serving. 

Serve still hot. 

Easy right????


TIPS: – My family love this recipe so much that sometimes I buy extra fresh bread on purpose, to have some left for making pizzette.

– Like regular pizza, you can dress the “pizzette” as you like by adding different toppings.

– I would discourage to bake the “pizzette” ahead of time: they are amazing if eaten still warm.

– As I told you, this pizzette taste a lot like real pizza: but think about how much you can save by making these instead of buying a pizza!!!

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6 thoughts on “Pizzette (small pizzas): my way to use fresh bread leftovers.

  1. This is how my dad made ‘pizza’ when I was little. Canned sardines are also very nice on this. The oregano is essential!
    I also use stale bread to make panzanella, polpette, pisarei, or of course sauteed in olive oil as a South Italian pasta topping instead of parmigiano.

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