BROTH – Homemade from scratch

Be honest- you own a pressure cooker, but you have no idea how to use it.

Wait, I’m sorry, maybe you own a pressure cooker, you know how to use it, but you just prefer buying canned broth?

I bet that after trying out my HOME MADE MEAT BROTH RECIPE, you will never use canned broth again!


1 pound chuck roast beef

1 quarter chicken

2 carrots

2 or 3 celery stalks

1 leek (or 2 leeks, if you use only the green part)

2 pinches of coarse salt



Rinse the beef and the chicken under water, and then position the meat  inside the pressure cooker.

With some kitchen wire, tie in a bundle the carrots, the leeks and the celery. (Every time I make my vegetable soup, I use just the white part of the leeks, and instead of throwing the green part away, I keep it to use it for this broth recipe).

Fill up 2/3rds of the pressure cooker with water.

Add the coarse salt (if you forget this step, do not worry, you can always add the salt when the broth is finished).

Close the pressure pot with its lid, being sure to leave the safety valve open, and put it on the stove at a high flame.

As soon as the pressure pot starts to whistle, close the safety valve so no more steam escapes.  Then, reduce the flame to low on your stove, and cook for no less than 40 minutes.

WARNING: Before you open the pressure cooker, always remember to let the pressure out by the specific safety valve.

Your broth it’s ready, to be eaten just with some soup shells and parmesan cheese, or to be used to make some delicious sauce or Italian risotto!


TIPS: – I usually throw away the vegetables, after the broth is ready.  However, the meat, which will be extremely lean (all its fat has been dissolved into the water) and tender, can be eaten immediately, salted and served with some mustard and mayonnaise, or with a very special Italian sauce, typical of the Verona area, called PEARA’.

            – The quantities of the meat are not mandatory. You can add some other kind of meat (i.e. ribs), to obtain a more savory broth.  If you make broth just with chicken, you’ll obtain a very light broth, perfect to recover after a flu or any other illness.

            -You maybe don’t know that in Italy we usually cook Tortellini into the broth, and we serve them soaked in it like this:

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