CIAO A TUTTI! Here the list of my most popular Italian desserts!

If you live in Scotch Plains (NJ, USA) and  you are curious to try an authentic Italian dessert, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at to place your order or asking me any questions! You can also contact me through my FB page Italiangoodness – A taste of Italy on your table every day   and by following this page you will be constantly kept updated on which desserts are fresh and available each day of the week.

All desserts are made fresh with high quality ingredients (many of which are imported, very hard to find and quite expensive) to make your “Italian dessert experience” the best one ever!


Patisserie Style  


The Italian classic tiramisu’ revisited in a patisserie version

6″ round (4-6 servings)               $ 35

8” round (10 servings)                $ 48

9″ round (15 servings)                 $ 58

Meringata cake

Like an ice-cream cake with no ice-cream at all. Custard, meringues, whipping cream and your favorite fruit filling*.

8″ round (6 servings)                    $ 38 

12” round (20-25 servings)          $ 70


(Double cream tiramisu)

A decadent Florentine dessert: a coffee and Rum soaked cookies’ dome filled with double flavored mascarpone cheese cream.

6″ (4 servings)                                $ 32

9” (15-20 servings)                        $ 62

Mimosa cake

A soft sponge cake filled with a lemony Chantilly cream.

7″ (4-6 servings)                                $ 28

9” (10-12 servings)                            $ 58

Italian meringues

(Gluten free)

Two crumbly fragrant home baked meringues filled with whipped cream.

6 for   $ 16        AND      12 for $ 32

18  for $ 48       AND       24 for  $ 68

  Delight cake

A traditional Sicilian sponge cake drench in maraschino syrup, filled with apricot preserve and covered in almond paste.

                                             $  25  per lb.

Banana cream pie

An American classic, made from scratch with the secrets and techniques of the “Italian cuisine“.

Only available in a 9” round size.

                                             $ 38,00

Fruit tiramisu

Refreshing and caffeine free tiramisu’ styled cake flavored with pineapple or peaches or  strawberries.

6″ round (4-6 servings)               $ 35

8” round (10 servings)                $ 48

9″ round (15 servings)                 $ 58

Ricotta tart

A crumbly shortbread tart, filled with a creamy and delicate ricotta cheese cream and chocolate chips.       Only available in the 9” round (10 servings) size.                $ 32

     Northern Italian


A flaky puff pastry cone filled with yellow Italian custard. The Northern Italian tradition at your service for a divine experience!

6 for   $ 16                   AND            12 for $ 32

18  for $ 48                  AND            24 for  $ 68


*Tiramisus and Meringatas can be ordered fresh or frozen.

** Zuccotto comes only frozen (because of the “Dome” shape).

***The Meringata and Fruit tiramisu prices may vary according to the fruit picked (all fruit used is fresh but peaches and pineapple, which are canned).

All orders will incur a packaging fee up fro $ 0.50 (for mini cakes) to $ 2.50 (for big cakes) per paper container/box. However, Italiangoodness is very sensitive to the preservation of the environment and will waive the packaging fee for any customer who provides their own cake carriers/containers.

All cakes must be ordered at least three days in advance. Last minutes orders will be charged with a $15 late fee.

Thank you for choosing Italiangoodness. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!