camille cupcakes

A carrot based treat for a happy back to schooL

Camille Cupcakes

These Camille cupcakes are a carrot based treat that was very popular in Italy back when I was in elementary school (do the math, quite a few years ago 😉).  Camille cupcakes were especially advertised in the fall, as soon as school would start, not only for their bright orange color that would match with the season, but also to remind mothers which snack to choose for their kids for back to school.   How could a mom not buy a yummy cupcake made out of carrots, orange juice and almond flour?

I tell you, I had forgotten about this Camille cupcakes until I saw their home baked version in the amazing Italian food blog and I couldn’t help but give it a try and translating the recipe for you!

I have to say that these Camille cupcakes have an inviting color, a soft – almost melting in your mouth -consistency, a light orange aftertaste, and even if they are made with carrots, children love them!!!Win win!!


6 oz. (170 gr.) carrots (I used the baby ones so I didn’t have to peel it)

1 cup (130 gr.) all purpose flour

2/3 cup (130 gr.) brown sugar or powder sugar

2/3 cup (65 gr.) almond flour

1/3 cup (65 gr.) orange juice

¼ cup (50 gr.) canola oil (I used coconut oil)

2 eggs

1 orange zest

1 pinch (1 pizzico) sea salt

2 and ½ tsp. (12 gr.) baking powder


In a food processor add the peeled carrot, oil and orange juice and reduce in a puree. It’s ok if the batter will turn a little lumpy.

In a bowl, whip the eggs, sugar, almond flour and orange zest with a hand mixer. 

Mix almond flour, orange juice, eggs and brown sugar

Mix the carrots puree into the egg mix and keep whipping. Sift in flour, sea salt and baking powder and keep whipping for few second.

Mix in the carrot puree with eggs and add flour

Not too much, you don’t want your Camille cupcakes to turn out gummy. Warm up the oven at 355-360 F. (180 C.)

Don't bake more than 20 minutes

Line a cupcakes pan, fill each liner up to ¾.  Bake in the medium rack for 15 minutes and no longer than 20. In doubt check with a stick to make sure the batter is baked.

Camille Cupcakes right out of the oven


nice pic of camille cupcakes


  • If you know me well, you know I don’t like extra sweet desserts and pastries but to be honest with you, in my opinion this Camille cupcakes recipe requires a few more tbs. of sugar.
  • take your time while you are pureeing the carrots, you want to mush it as much as possible.
  • Again, don’t worry if while making Camille cupcakes the batter looks lumpy: those tiny crunchy pieces of carrots will feel good in your mouth as you eat it, almost as a surprising piece of nut found while you chew on a banana bread.
  • OMG, right out of the oven Camille Cupcakes taste even better.
  • If you have a few left, keep those in a plastic container. They will last a few days. Their consistency will become a little more dense, but delicious anyway.
  • If you like orange flavor a lot, I would add a tsp. orange flavoring: the orange juice taste is very delicate, almost imperceptible.
  • Don’t forget this recipe when we will get closer to Easter! You can make a delicious carrot cake base with this recipe, or decorate Camille cupcakes with yummy themed frosting!

I really hope you enjoyed this Camille Cupcakes recipe.. and I am quite curious to know if any of my American or other International friends and fellow bloggers knew about this 1980ies treat

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A special thank you to Giorgia that let me shared her recipe with you… her pictures are absolutely stunning and very much more appealing than mine. She is a reason of inspiration and a true example of Italian excellence. THANK YOU GIORGIA!


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