Steamed apples and vanilla ice-cream: can this appealing dessert being actually so basic?

For some reason when people think about scrumptious desserts it comes to their mind something rich, fatty, complicated to make and high in calories.  Well, this equation is not always true, but I would lie if I’d said that I wasn’t skeptical to publish this recipe because it is so simple that somehow it made me feel ashamed of posting it.    But I have to tell you: when I made this “as easy as it looks” dessert,  people loved it and always asked for a second serving!   Plus, in this period of the year when many of us like going to apple orchards for harvesting apples, this recipe could come very handy and absolutely healthier than many other sweet choices:  by steaming apple cubes, you maintain all the good nutrients of the fruit.  Serving steamed apples still very warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a dust of powdered cinnamon it’s absolutely delicious and the contrast between hot/cold make this dessert very appealing and particular, and served in a cute glass makes it even fancy!
Who doesn’t have vanilla ice-cream in the freezer? Who (at least in Mid-West) doesn’t like cinnamon? Who doesn’t love the idea of an easy, fast, low fat and calories dessert that can comfort ourselves when summer comes to the end?

INGREDIENTS per person

1 apple peeled and cut in cubes

1 scoop of vanilla icecream

powdered cinnamon

optional: a tea spoon of peach preserve

(I am not a big fan of super sweet desserts so I usually don’t add extra sugar to the apple cubes, but if you think you would prefer a sweeter taste, just add to the recipe a tsp. of peach preserve per servings)

In a stainless steel pot, pour just half an inch or so of water (and the peach preserve). To steam  the apples, in my pot, I put the lid on, let the water reach the boiling point, then move the pot to low heat and let the apple cubes steam for about 20 minutes. Be careful not to overcook it: the cubes should become tender but keep the shape – not become mush.

Then arrange the apple cubes in  cup (or a fancy glass), with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and  dust with powdered cinnamon.

Serve it before the apple cubes cool off.. the goal is to make your guests enjoying the hot/cold taste experience! 

YUMMMMMMM!  And so easy!


Tips: – If you have guests for dinner, I would suggest to start cooking the apple cubes while you are serving the last course, so they will be ready at the perfect time;
– To make the dessert lighter you can use low fat vanilla ice-cream;
– I tried to puree the apple before serving but honestly the result wasn’t better in appearance or taste.

Did you like this recipe? Do you think it is too basic for being posted? 

Please, let me know your thoughts, 
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