Home made pear nectar: delicious, nutricious, healthy and obviously Italian!

Pear nectar, aka pear juice (with peach and apricot nectar/juice) are the most popular juices sold and consumed in Italy.   You’d be surprise if I’d tell you that in Italy apple juice, fruit punch and grape juice (I said juice, not grape distillate LOL) are rare to find.  On my side, I was honestly shocked when we moved in Mid West and I couldn’t find any pear juice or peach juice without entering the expensive organic isle at the groceries store.

Well, now you know that pear nectar and peach nectar are a real thing. They have a velvet and full-bodied flavor, and of course they are rich in vitamins, antioxidant, minerals and fibers, preservative free but most absolutely refreshing and  delicious.   These nectars are ideal for breakfast, for sneak and even as a base for fancy cocktails.

So, would you like to make your own pear nectar, maybe using the organic pears you just harvested from the pear tree in your yard, and spending one hour at the most of your time?

Just make sure you have at your disposal water, pears and sugar and let’s start!

  INGREDIENTS for about 2 liters

1 Liter of water (about 33.8 oz.)

1 kg. pears (about 2.2 lb.)

150 gr. sugar (about 0.33 oz.)

1 lemon juice


Peel the pears and cut in cubes, making sure to take away the core and seeds.  In the meantime heat up the water and the sugar until the sugar dissolves.

At this point add the pears, and let it boil for at least 8 minutes.  Turn the heat off, and with an immersion blender blend the pears until you get a smooth and creamy consistency.

Take away the bubbles with a skimmer and add the lemon juice.

Stir the drink and pour it in a glass container, even better if closable with a lid.Pear juice

Keep your nectar refrigerated, enjoy it cold and make sure to finish it up in 3-5 day. Believe me, you’d be surprise about how delicious it is!


TIPS: – Pears have a delicate taste so you can blend your nectar with orange, celery or mint.

– If you’d like a less dense drink, just add more water. If you’d like it more sweet, just add more sugar but I honestly discourage that because pears are usually very sweet themselves.

– If you’d like to can the nectar (and make it last for months), pour the juice still hot in a cleaned and sterilized glass bottle. Seal the lid very well and turn the bottle upside down until cooled off.   Then, double boil the bottles in a big pot full of boiling water for 30 minutes. This way your nectar will last 12/14 months even without the use of preservatives! It may be a smart idea labelling the bottles with the date of bottling.  Store the juice in a dark place at constant temperature. Remember, once opened the juice must be consumed within 3/5 days.

Childres usually LOVE peached or pears nectars, so if you want to load them with nutrients and vitamins to boost their immune system.. go ahead with this recipe!!!

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I’d be so curious to find out if you knew that pear nectar was real thing

and If you’d be interested in give it a try!!!  






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