Italian Cannoncini alla crema: creamy and flaky at the same time is possible!

The Cannoncini alla Crema is a typical Piedmontese sweet, incredibly popular in several Northern and Central Italian regions. Entering into an Italian pastry shop is easy to find Cannoncini filled with different pastry creams, but the most popular filling is for sure the Vanilla Pastry Cream.

Since I’ve started my ITALIANGOODNESS HOME BAKERY there’s not a day that goes by without a customer asking me if I can make CANNOLI which behind any reasonable doubt are for sure the most popular Italian dessert in the world. Cannoli are typical Sicilian pastries made out of a fried cylindrical shortcrust shell filled with ricotta cheese cream and chocolate chips.

BUT, I was happy to introduce my customer to CANNONCINI  ALLA CREMA which , again, are typical from the Northern Italy (the area I come from) and are cones made with oven baked puff pastry and filled with chocolate cream or custard (crema pasticcera).

So today I am sharing with you the recipe to prepare CANNONCINI ALLA CREMA which, if you use store brought puff pastry, are truly super easy to make. You will need 20 stainless steel “Horn molds” and a “Sach a Poch” for the filling.  If instead you don’t feel comfortable in baking those yourself and you live in QC area (IOWA-ILLINOIS), contact my ITALIAN HOME BAKERY and order some fresh ones.


1 thaw puff pastry sheet

egg white

granulated sugar to dust

1/2 dose of my custard recipe:

3 egg yolks

25 gr. corn starch

250 ml. whole milk

1 lemon peel

80 gr. sugar


First of all prepare the custard by following this recipe, but with the quantities listed up here. Once ready, cover the surface with plastic wrap and let it chill in the refrigerator.

Then take the puff pastry sheet out of the freezer and while it thaw, butter and flour the stain steels cones: this apparently annoying procedure will allow your to pull out the cones from the pastry shells easily. Instead of butter you can spray those with butter spray. At this point the puff pastry should be soft enough to be rolled out in a 16” (40 cm) long sheet. Cut it in verticoal stripes 0.7” (2 cm) wide.

Now roll each strip around a cone, making sure to slightly overlap the pastry at each round.   Place neatly in a oven sheet lined with parchment paper, brush with egg white and dust with sugar.

Bake for 20 minutes at 390 F (200 C.).  Pull the cones out of the shells when still warm. Be very delicate because they break easily. Fill the Sac a Poch with the CREMA PASTICCERA (custard) and fill each shell to the edge.

Enjoy right away or keep it refrigerated  before serving.


TIPS: – These pastries have to be enjoyed fresh, they cannot be prepared ahead of time. The empty shells keep their crunchiness for a few days if stored  in a sealed container.

– Custard (crema pasticcera) is the most traditional filling, but they taste great even if filled with chocolate custard or hazelnut cream.


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    1. Thank you Rebecca… I am 100% with you!The hazelnut spread though, it’s really delicious as well.. I am ashamed to say so but I don’t think I can count many desserts and sweets I don’t like !

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