Nutella bites: being irresistible with just three ingredients is possible!



Although I usually write about traditional recipes handed down from my grandmother to my mom and then to me, this time I would like to translate for you a recipe I found searching on the web (for the original Recipe in Italian click here).     I’m sharing this recipe with you because these cookies are delicious, beautiful, and inexpensive to make… and with only 3 ingredients.  THAT is a very rare and precious thing!    My kiddos are kind of spoiled.  They always ask me for homemade snacks, but I can’t always make homemade pies and cakes; either I just don’t have enough time or I don’t have all the necessary ingredients.  But now, with just 1 egg, flour, Nutella, and 15 minutes, I can make these awesome treats that will enrapture the whole world!

INGREDIENTS for 12-15 cookies

1 cup all purpose flour (150 gr.)

5 tbs. nutella (180 gr.)

1 egg


 In a big bowl, mix the egg with the Nutella.

Add the flour, a little bit at a time, stirring to obtain a compact and homogeneous dough.

Switch on the oven at 340 F. (170 C.).     Form the dough into 1″ balls (about 0.8 oz  or 25 g. ) and arrange them in a baking sheet covered with a baking paper, keeping each ball at a reasonable distance.


With the end of a ladle, make a hole in each ball that will be filled after baking.


Put the cookies in the hot oven for not more than 10-12 minutes.    Let the cookies cool off, and using a cake decorer (or a spoon if you don’t care about the appearance) fill their holes with Nutella or whipped cream or apricot jam.


All done!





– When I tried to make these cookies, I found that they are even better the day after, and anyway they can last about 2-3 days… but good luck in keeping them around so long!

– Don’t cook them more than the suggested time to avoid the dough to become gummy.

– My daughters LOVE these cookies as snack, whereas I particularly like enjoying them with a good cup of Espresso.

– Even though this recipe is super easy, I would definitely make these cookies for some guests or for a special event, because they look impressive, and their taste is delicious!


Did you like this recipe? Are you thinking about giving it a try?

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Much thanks, Silvia


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