Molten Chocolate lava mini cakes: perfect for Valentine’s Day breakfast!

Calling all the Valentine’s Day lovers!!!! Valentine’s at my house is more a celebration for the kids than for my husband and I, so I am planning to prepare these super easy Molten Chocolate Lava mini cakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day… ready in 15 minutes, they are perfect for a sweet themed breakfast, and I know for sure It will make my family very happy!

Before to start listing ingredients and sharing directions keep in mind that: 1) you will have to put in the freezer the Nutella at least three hours ahead of time, so if you are planning to make these for breakfast, go ahead and set it the night before.     2) You will need a 6 Cavity Silicone Heart Mold for shaping your mini cakes. Even a regular 6 cavity muffin mold will work, only you will not have the “heart” shapes.


2 eggs – 2 uova

5 0z.  Nutella -150 gr. nutella

1.5 oz. all purpose flour – 40 gr. farina

3.5 oz. granulated sugar – 100 gr. zucchero

1 stick unsalted butter – 100 gr. burro

4.4. oz. good quality dark chocolate – 130 gr. dark cioccolato fondente

dark cocoa for dusting – cacao amaro quanto basta

optional: whipping cream for decorating

The night before (or at least three hours before baking the hearts)

Scoop six equal servings of Nutella in six holes of a plastic ice cube tray. If you don’t own it, go to your closest Dollar Tree store to get one.

15 Minutes before servings your molten lava mini cakes.

Butter the silicon hearts mold, and evenly dust it with dark cocoa. Double boil the butter and dark chocolate (previously chopped in tiny pieces) until melted.

Take the melted mix away from the heat, add the sugar and hand-whip. Then add one egg at a time and keep whipping. Finally, add sifted flour and stir.

Preheat the oven at 410 F (200 C.). Once the flour is evenly incorporated to the batter, scoop one tbs. of batter to each heart. Take away the Nutella from the freezer and place each single frozen block of Nutella in each heart. Cover the nutella with the remaining batter.

Bake only 10 minutes. Once baked, place each heart in a nice plate, decorate with whipping cream, and enjoy still warm! The molten nutella inside the heart will make the trick!

YUM!!! So delicious!



– My family and I are addicted to these cakes, so I’ve made those multiple times. I tried substituting the butter with Coconut oil! I loved it, but some of my family members disagreed. If you’d like the idea of using oil instead of butter, follow the same direction and ingredients but use 2.2 oz of coconut oil instead of butter.

– Leftovers are still good but Nutella will harden.

– If you love NUTELLA don’t miss my favorite “only three ingredients” NUTELLA BITES or the more caloric “NUTELLA SEMIFREDDO” .

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