Golden Apple muffins: a delightful made from scratch


You know I love seasonal products and recipes, and now that Apples Orchards are the better place to spend a perfect sunday afternoon with the kids, picking up crispy apples and enjoying the color of fall, obviously it is also time to use the apples we picked up !

Last year I posted one of my foolproof  apple cruble recipe, and this year, instead, I’m opting for something faster, easier and at the same time tasty, not much fatty, and fabulous for kids: apple muffins! They absolutely came from my Italian tradition, precisely my grandmother used to make the dough and then add to it not only apples, but alternatively chocolate drops, chopped hazelnut, raisins.

In my opinion this specific muffin mix is particularly suitable for apples, because are the apples that keep the consistency soft and spongy at the same time.

The part I prefer about these muffins is that once you have sliced the apples, you just have to add all the ingredients to the food processor, and the dough is done!

Ready in 2o minutes, these muffins will be perfect for a breakfast, at coffee time (but better with the tea!), or to be put in your little one’s lunch box and since the ingredients required are  pretty cheap, they are the perfect choice for a home made fancy edible gift.


2 golden apples (or any other kind of apples you have) – 2 mele

2 eggs   – 2 uova

4  0z. 1/2 cup sugar  – 120  gr. zucchero

3 tsp. lemon extract (or one lemon juice) – il succo di un limone

1 stick melted butter – 120 gr. burro

8 oz. or 1 cup all porpouse flour – 150 gr. farina

2 tsp. baking powder – 2 cucchiaini lievito per dolci

2 tbs. apricot jam (better if organic) – due cucchiai marmellata di albicocche


Sliced the apples in small petals and mix them with the apricot jam.

In a food processor combine the eggs with the sugar and the lemon extract.

Then add the melted butter (melt it in the microwave but remember that it has not to be too much hot when you put it in the mixture: you don’t want to cook the eggs right?!) and the flour sifted with the baking powder.

Warm up the oven at 365 F (180 C).

Take off the blade from the food processor and add half of the sliced apples stirring genlty.

 Arrange the mix in a 12 baking muffin sheet (use about 2 tbs. of dough for each). Cover the top of the muffin with the remained apples slices.

Cook in the over for not more than 20 minutes.


Mmmm, I can feel the delicious smell of apples coming out from your oven now 🙂


Tips: As I told you above, this “muffin mix” could be dressed with other ingredients than apples. Here a sample of what you would get using chocolate drops or hazelnut:


         – If you want to make these muffins even more “good for you”, use unbleached flour and brown sugar. My family is still not ready for the “whole” ingredients, but I do, and I promise, your muffins would be even better!

– If you have a gluten and dairy intollerance, you must try these amazin gluten and dairy free apple muffins.

          –  I’m going to donate two dozens of my special apples muffins for a fundraiser event at my daughter’s elementary school (Hopewell Harvest). I really hope people will like them as much as I do.

I really hope you like this recipe, and please, if you do,

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