Green beans and bacon rolls: a tasty side dish.

The recipes I am sharing today is quite basic (I would say almost trivial) but maybe not everybody knows it, and since my blog is many times directed to “first approach cooks” learning this quick, easy but absolutely delicious and scenic recipe could be of some use for someone (or at lest I hope so 🙂 ).  And last, but not least, I totally love the combo green beans and bacon, which I found out that in USA is quite unusual, since most of the time, you see these rolls made with green asparagus instead.   Before to start describing the method, I have to admit that when I eat green beans in restaurants here in Midwest I don’t like them much because they are served almost raw (and still crisp). I prefer steaming the green beans first, in this way they are more tender and tasty.  But let’s go back to the recipe!

INGREDIENTS for about 4 servings

1 lb. green beans

1/2 lb. bacon


Rinse and dry the green beans, place them in a stained steel pot with one inch of water and put the lid on. At high heat wait until the water inside the pot start boiling, then (always keeping the lid on), switch to low heat and steam  the green beans for twenty minutes. Once steamed, dry in a colander.

Wrap about 5 green beans a time with half a slice of bacon. Place in an oven sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 420 F. (200 C.) for about 20-30 minutes. YUMMMMM what a delicious smell!!!!

Serve in a cute serving dish well arranged and still warm, and people will love it!



– There is really no needs to add extra condiments to these rolls: while baking, the bacon releases all its salt and fat, and the green beans will absorb all the taste.

– The quantities I gave you are merely approximative: when cooked like this, I could eat the all bunch by myself!

– Considering the baking, and the avoid of using condiments, this side dish is quite a  low calories, low carbs and high protein source.

– This side dish is so scenic that it would be perfect for a special dinner (why not for a Valentine’s day one?) and is also very versatile because you can prepare the wraps ahead of time and bake them at dinner time.

Did you like this recipe? Have you ever made green beans this way? Which is your favorite way to prepare green beans?

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