YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE IT: the 10 worldwide false myths about italian food


Italian food myths
Italian food myths

I won’t write for you any recipe this week.

It’s Thanksgiving’s week, and it has been almost a month that we (me included) had been bombed with thousands of recipes as “Guide to Turkey” or “31 Thanksgiving side dish to Outshine the turkey” or “13 Thanksgiving leftover recipes” and so on…. (arrived at this point, we are all sick about just the recipes, and we cannot wait to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal in peace and gain our 10 pounds each!)

So, what I’m writing about – as a 100% Italian woman relocated in USA 3 years ago – is a very funny article I read (I 10 falsi miti della cucina italiana all’estero), and my opinion about its reliability:

Here the 10 common believing abroad about Italian food tradition that are not true (according the article I mentioned):

1) Italians have “Cappuccino” usually after lunch. This is absolutely not true (and I can confirm it!). Italians have Cappuccino and Croissant just for breakfast !

2) Pasta and Rice are used by Italian as side dish.   It doesn’t seem to me that Americans believe in this, maybe this sentence refers to other countries (middle east), but anyway I can just assure that Pasta or Rice for Italians are like an Entree.

3) The festival of the seven sea food. It seems that Americans truly believe that on Christmas Eve each Italian family celebrates with a dinner with 7 different courses of sea food. Honestly none of my American friends has ever talked to me about this “celebration” but anyway I can confirm that – even if usually on Christmas Eve Italians eat fish and sea food in general – there aren’t specific rules or traditions about the number of the courses:

4)  Italians use the ketchup as pasta’s dressing. This is definitely not true! Italians barely use ketchup!

5) Spaghetti alla Bolognese. Actually a typical Italian dish is Lasagne alla Bolognese, but not spaghetti;

6) Chicken Pasta or Chicken Pizza: in Italy you will never find any of these two plates on a restaurant menu. We do not cook pasta with chicken, ever! We never put chicken on pizza!

7) The Caesar Salad is a typical Italian recipe. Well, honestly I’ve known the Caesar salad just since we moved here in mid west.. and that is a huge pity, because I adore it, but it is not an Italian recipe!

8) Italians tablecloths are checkered red and white…. LOL 😉 , this one made me really laugh! I have no idea why people around the world associate the white and red checkered  tablecloth  to Italians, but don’t be disappointed if you ever go on a trip to Italy and never find something like that!

9) Fettuccine Alfredo. I know for sure that in USA people believe that Fettuccine Alfredo is one of the most popularItalian recipe. Well it seems that in the past an Italian immigrant in USA, Alfredo di Lelio,invented this recipe which was simply fettucine with butter and parmesan cheese… So actually this IS an Italian recipe but not so popular and famous in Italy (always talking about me, I heard the existence of Fettucine Alfredo only when we moved here, before it was a recipe completely unknown!):

10) Italians eat Spaghetti with Meatballs. Again, even if in the South of Italy there are some pasta sauce made with meatballs, it is quite inappropriate consider this recipe as typically Italian.


This is the truth about these 10 believing, according my personal experience.

Isn’t funny ?!

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4 thoughts on “YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE IT: the 10 worldwide false myths about italian food

  1. There are some really interesting things here I did not know about Italian food. I guess there really is a big difference between Italian-American food and culture and authentic Italian.


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