Home made plain breadcrumbs

Have you ever noticed that even the “plain” breadcrumbs you buy (which is suppose to be made out just from bread)  contains a long list of ingredients

(as you can see in this picture)


which are mostly unpronounceable or garbled?

Well (except of in “emergency” situations 😉 ), I don’t use packed breadcrumbs anymore, but instead I make it by myself with home-made bread leftovers, or with the leftovers of fresh  baked bread I buy at the groceries.


I just let the bread become hard.


Then I cut off the crust, and grate the white part.

Then I pack my breadcrumb and freeze it,  and just take it off the freezer any time I need it.

Obviously, If you like to dress the breadcrumbs with your favorite spices, you can do it!

I sometimes add to it some cornbread, to use as breading for the Milanesa Style Beef (Bistecca alla Milanese).

This process in not very tiring,  pretty fast, cheap and healthy.

Why don’t do it?



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