Butter free Fluffy Pears and vanilla yogurt coffee cake

This fluffy pears and vanilla yogurt is the perfect easy and fast cake to prepare in a boring fall day. Use up some yogurt leftovers and those pears that are starting to get dark to prepare a soft, delicate and delicious coffee cake, ideal not only for an afternoon snack but also for a scrumptious breakfast.

The preparation for this fluffy pears and vanilla yogurt coffee cake doesn’t require any particular skill. Just an electric whip and you’ll be good to go.

As for the selection of the perfect kind of pears, my favorite are the Bartlett Pears, but even if you have a different variety (like Bosc or Comice), that will be fine. What matters the most is that you use a juicy type of pear to assure you a moist cake.

INGREDIENTS for a 9’’ round fluffy pearS and vanilla coffee cake

2 cups (300 gr.) All purpose flour

½ cup (125 gr.) vanilla yogurt

3 eggs

2/3 cup (150 gr.) granulated sugar

1 lemon juice

1 tbs. (16 gr.) baking powder

2/3 (100 gr.) cup coconut oil (or canola or peanut oil)

6 pears peeled and cut in stripes

1 tbs. (1 cucchiaio) brown sugar for dusting

DIRECTIONS for fluffy pears and vanilla yogurt coffee cake

First, peel the pears, cut into slices and pour over the juice of a lemon to avoid the pears to became dark. Set momentarily aside. Whip the eggs and sugar until fluffy and stiff. Add in vanilla yogurt and lemon zest and keep whipping, add then the coconut oil and keep whipping. Sift in all purpose flour and baking powder and, this time by hand, stir until you get an homogenous batter and all the ingredients are evenly mixed. Try not to overmix, always for the same reason to avoid the cake to become gummy.

Mix all the ingredients with an electric whip

Line an 9’’ (22 cm) oven pan with parchment and pour the batter. Arrange neatly the pears and dust with brown sugar. Bake at 355 F. (180 C.) for about 45 minutes.

Arrange in a 9” oven pan and bake

Let the cake cool off, dust with powder sugar and serve.

Slice of butter free fluffy pears and vanilla yogurt coffee cake



  • If you use a smaller cake pan, your coffee cake will turn out taller but you will risk to get a cake with a moist top and a dry middle.
  • In case you prefer apples to pears, try this fluffy apples coffee cake instead.
  • As you saw in the ingredients’ list, I like using coconut oil in my recipes, but you truly can use any other kind of vegetable oil. Try to avoid the olive oil (which is more indicated for savory recipes) because its flavor it’s too powerful and you’d end up with a cake that tastes as olive oil.
  • This pears and vanilla yogurt coffee cake can last up to three days if stored under a glass cover.

I truly hope you will like this recipe and will have the chance to prepare making it sometime… it can truly make a Sunday morning breakfast much more pleasant!

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