Irish coffee: the final touch to your festive meal.

I could never say that serving Irish Coffee after Christmas lunch is an Italian tradition. Of course it is not!!!! Why on earth should Italians drink an IRISH coffee on their Christmas celebration???  Indeed, this tradition was something my mom came up with many years ago, and considering that everybody (adults, of course!) loved it, she has kept making it ever since…  Wikipedia would describe Irish coffee (Irish: caife Gaelach)  as “a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, stirred, and topped with cream, where the coffee is drunk through the cream, and where originally straight cream was used but today whipped cream is most common”.    I confess: even if an ocean separate me from my parents, I stole my mom idea and I serve this peculiar, simple and delicious coffee cocktail to conclude special occasions’ meals, like the cherry on top of the cake ;-).

About how this mix of ingredients tastes  I would say that the Whisky  blends perfectly with the coffee and the contrast between the hot liquid and the whipped cream is just heaven. Plus, the alcohol in the cocktail gives somehow the feeling of a better digestion, especially after a particularly fatty meal.  So, why don’t you surprise your guest with this festive drink?

INGREDIENT for 1 chalice

2 oz. (50 gr.) Whisky (an Irish one would be perfect but I use Mid-west Whisky and it tastes just right as well)

about 2 oz. (50 gr. – an espresso sized cup) espresso coffee

2 tsp. sugar (better if brown)

about 2-3 tbs. heavy whipping cream (whipped)


Whip the heavy whipping cream and kept it refrigerated. Fill a chalice with hot water to warm it up, having the caution to let a teaspoon inside the glass so it doesn’t break because of the heat.  Then empty.

In the mean time, in a saucepan, heat the Whisky until boiling and make the espresso coffee (you can use a regular espresso machine or a professional one). It is very important that when you combine the ingredients, coffee and whisky are still very hot.

Add to the warmed chalice (or chalices) two tsp. of sugar.  Pour the whisky and the coffee. Keep always a tea spoon inside the glass so it doesn’t break because of the heat.  Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Top with a collar of  heavy whipped cream. It is very important that the cream forms a separate layer from the coffee. Serve still hot and enjoy!!!!


TIPS: – If you like the idea, dust the whipped cream with sifted cocoa, it will make the whole thing even more scenic!

– Of course you can serve Irish Coffee even in a different kind of glass. However, in my humble opinion, using the chalice just make it super fancy!

– When I prepare Irish Coffee, I count how many servings I need and multiply the quantities according to that number;

– I am usually very careful on the use of sugar inside coffee, indeed usually I drink black coffee with no sugar at all. Well, when you make Irish Coffee, if you want to have a good cocktail, you can’t avoid the sugar without getting an hideous result… So make your Irish Coffee with the right amount of sugar and pay attention to the calories once the Holidays has passed :-).

It would really make me feel proud knowing you intend to try this cocktail as final touch to your CHRISTMAS (or New Years Eve) meal!

But even if you’ll ever give it a try in another occasion, and enjoyed it, please 

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