10 Golden rules for a perfect Risotto

As you already known, risotto is one of the most famous Italian “first course” (primo piatto), and essentially is a north Italian rice dish, cooked in broth to a creamy consistency.

Depending on what ingredients is chosen to flavor the risotto, the broth can be derived from meat (milanese risotto, prosecco risotto, leeks risotto, etc. etc.), fish (seafood risotto) or vegetable (asparagus risotto, mushrooms risotto, sausage risotto etc. etc.).

risotto a caso  Personally I prefer risotto to any other kind of pasta (I know, told by an Italian, it seems I’m swearing!)  but I daily cook more   pasta than risotto because to make risotto takes longer, and my daughters don’t like it (or, at least, as typical Italian, they DO prefer pasta!!!).

Anyway, risotto is a delicious and healthy meal, that is essentially made always in the same way (independently from the ingredient chosen to flavor it), but to obtain a perfect risotto, you will have to follow few precious rules, and you’ll never failed!


1) Use only “Carnaroli”, “Arborio” or “Vialone Nano” rice;

2) Whenever is possible, use home made broth;

3) Never cook it more than 20 minutes (the timing has to be count from the moment in which you start adding the broth to the rice);

4) toast the rice in the first part of the cooking;

5) Add the broth just few at a time;

6) Resist not to stir frequently:

7) Never skip the phase of “MANTECARE” or “cream it with butter” to get a wavy risotto (all’onda), soft and loose:

8) never wash the rice;

9) never use cooled broth.

10) never serve your risotto  cooled.





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