Just to start, I will give you a quick list of the ingredients that are never missing from my kitchen:

– olive oil

– canola oil

– sea salt

– coarse salt

– wine vinegar and apple vinegar

– baking soda

– all purpose flour and whole flour

– white and brown sugar

– eggs

– fresh onions

– fresh garlic

– fresh or dry rosemary

– fresh or dry sage

– fresh or dry basil

– fresh or dry oregano

– powdered nutmeg

– powdered cinnamon

– dried or crushed red pepper

– whole cloves

– powdered vegetable bouillon

– unsalted butter

– parmesan cheese

 – crumble bread

– powdered sugar

– white sugar

Since I love making cake from the scratch, I always keep in the kitchen cabinet such flavorings or extract as: lemon, almond, rum, and vanilla.

Don’t be scared!  It looks like a very long list, but you should find that you already have most all of these ingredients!

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