I know that some of you that are reading this page could be irritated by its content, thinking, “Who isn’t able to cook pasta???”

Well, I decided to describe how Italians cook pasta because, during my honeymoon here in the USA (oh goodness, it has passed soooooo much time!), I went to some “Italian Restaurants” which cooked pasta in a awful way!

So, if you have a delicious sauce or dressing, why would you want to waste them by cooking your pasta the wrong way?

Here the few steps:

– heat the water in a pot until it reaches boiling

– then add two pinches of coarse salt (obviously the quantity of salt should be increased or decreased in relation to the quantity of water you use). Of course you can use simple “sea salt” but in that case you have probably to add few more pinches of it

– when the water starts to boil, AND ONLY THEN, add the pasta (any kind you have) and stir

– let it cook for the timing written on the pasta’s box for obtaining a pasta cooked “al dente” (or a little bit longer, if you prefer it more tender, or because you have kids to feed), and be sure to stir occasionally to prevent the pasta from sticking together

– drain the pasta very well in the colander, and then mix it up with the dressing or sauce you already have prepared

My kiddos love just pasta dressed with a tbs of butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese!



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